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My name is judy,and My phone isnt working properly and im paying to much and for them not to give me a new phone thats not right. Add comment

  • Apr 15
  • Cellular Phone
  • Bellevue, Washington
  • Phone Account
  • 14

They, the supervisor from the corporation in Tampa Florida, change with out my permition the password from my cellphone,and every time that I have problems with this cellphone,when I called,so they can help me they immediately send me to one of the corporation,if Ill go to their office appears that the password that I was given to them the day before it was the one that I had, but the people who... Read more

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  • Apr 15
  • Cellular Phone
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Lg Optimus F6
  • 21

I bought my LG6 from Metro Pcs it was working fine where I lived until I moved about 7 miles 15 minutes away from where I used to live. I can't use my phone in or around my apartment there is no data signal. I did a little research by asking my neighbors did they have trouble with thier mobile signal and what do you know everyone who has Metro Pcs or Tmobile phones can't use them in thier... Read more

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I brought a phone 2 days ago and it's not working and I paid 176.00 and he telling me he got to order me a phone and it's not going to be new ..wow poor customers service..I can't believe they treat there customers like this ..then told me he don't have the phones in the store sold out..they train them to lie Add comment

  • Apr 13
  • Other
  • Ellicott City, Maryland
  • Metro Pcs Service
  • 17

This company should not be in business. Their service is horrific and their customer service - not located in this country I'm certain - equals their inability to serve the public. I have wasted hours on line and on the phone trying to get the simplest of problems resolved, ie: Why doesn't the service I purchased work? Why does your system say I am not a customer when I am indeed one who's been... Read more

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The metro pcs customer service representatives in chicago,il at locations on chicago ave @laramie &madsion@pulaski are so very rude Add comment

my data speed varies as much as the weather.this is only my first month of service or lack of.the clerk who signed me up was dishonest. Add comment

i have the $50 promotional unlimited talk, text, and data plan.(unlimited 4g lte) with hotspot added and i am really upset to find that my hotspot data is limited to 2.5 Gb then i can no longer use it. I needed to download a dlc for call of duty advanced warfare which i paid $50 dollars for the season pass. Now i wasted $50 and i wish i didnt have to pay $5 dollars to get more data. Add comment

  • Mar 29
  • Media
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Refund Policy
  • 1
  • 1
  • 38

My wife bought a $15 product from a Metro PCS kiosk at Avenues Mall in Jacksonville, FL. There was no mention of a "No refund policy" prior to the purchase. The item did not function as intended. My wife took it back within 20 minutes of purchase and they would not refund her money. They told her, "You did not read the receipt, did you?" Yes, in small print at the bottom of the receipt is a... Read more

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  • Mar 28
  • Cellular Phone
  • Winter Springs, Florida
  • Cell Phone
  • 1
  • 1
  • 36

When the actual price is advertised for $249,and now the store that I bought it at,is selling it for $99,and my phone is not even working.I payed $72,and was told I could pay the rest in 6 moths to Smart Pay,but when I got home that nioght, I had an email from Smart Pay telling me that I had to pay $95 a month for 6 months,which would have brought the cost of the phone up to $716,and now I can't... Read more

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