The TRUTH about Metro PCS....

I see a lot of people carrying on about how horrible Metro PCS is. Well I work for a Metro PCS in Connecticut and am here to let everyone know about how things are SUPPOSED to work.

1)Return Policy: As long as the phone is UNDER 60 minutes TALK time and LESS than 7 days old with no water or physical damage you should receive all of your money back (for the phone and the plan) NO QUESTIONS ASKED. THERE IS NO RESTOCKING FEE. You can text and use data plan as much as you want but if you go over the 60 minutes talk time or bring the phone back after the 7 days it's yours. I found out recently that the day your purchase your phone is considered day one. So if you purchase on a Monday you have until Sunday to return it. METRO PCS DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO RETURN ACCESSORIES so I would make sure the service is adequate before purchasing.

2)Bill payment. The day you purchase your phone is considered your anniversary date. The bill will be due the day before you purchased your phone. For example if you buy the phone on 5/4/2011 your bill date will be 6/3/2011 and it will be due every 3rd thereafter. If you don't pay your bill on the 3rd it will go off at about 11 am (eastern standard). If you pay from 6/4-6/9 YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY YOUR BILL ON 7/3. HOWEVER if you come in on 6/10 you can do what is called a bill cycle reset. Basically you pay an additional $5 on top of whatever your bill is and (for the sake of argument) your next bill due date would be 7/10, giving you the full 30 days of service.

These are ALL things they should be telling you and if not I do apologize. I care a great deal about my customers' satisfaction and Metro PCS as well. If you have any other questions please leave your email down below and I will answer anything else you would like to know about Metro PCS. We need to have our name restored. And the only way to do that is by informing the public about these things. I wish you all the best and if you are ever in Connecticut and need service I am here and will do all I can (within reason) to make you happy.

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May 30 #989797

I bought a metro pcs phone off of eBay, after receiving the phone they say it is still activated on someone's account but the account is suspended due to non payment. How long does it take to fully deactivate, so I can activate on my account?

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May 24 #988096

Hi my name is joe and I have the unlock code for my phone. Metropcs told me that I have to wait to use the code until my account is permanently shut off. I was told that it takes 30 days after your account has been suspended that it will be terminated. It has been thirty days and I just tried my unlock code and it still is not letting me unlock my phone. The number has been sent from metropcs. Can someone please help me.

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May 14 #984323

If I terminate (not that i want too)with Metropcs, how long do you keep me in file? Thank you

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May 09 #981812

If I paid my bill for this month already but added a feature for 3.00 dollars thinking they would put it on next months bill but put it on this months instead will they turn off my service until its paid?

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May 03 #979475

How much is it for three lines on the same plan? They're telling me 160 something but is there like a family plan for three lines?

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Dec 29, 2014 #922774 San Francisco, California

Why do my phone service sucks now.. I use to have full bar for the past couple year an now it's down to 1-2 bar and when I'm on the phone I be getting drop calls too.. I been in the same location for 14year and have this same phone since 2010... It just started happening like 3 month or so.. I heard that metro does this to make you buy/upgrade a new phone

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Nov 16, 2014 #901004 Mountain View, California

Can I get a call log or any papers saying that I've Been with this provider since day one of service with dates and name included. I need it for every month that I've been with metro is that possible to get?

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Oct 09, 2014 #882520 El Paso, Texas

Wish this had been explained to me. I feel cheated, since I pay for a MONTHLY service I'd expect to get a full month's worth of service. What a bummer.

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Sep 19, 2014 #872728

I would like to get new phone and new number but I still want to keep my billing date the same and under my mother in laws name. I was told by workwr at metro that I need to do it 10 days before auto billing so it can stay the same. my mother in law said it is not under auto billing, what are my options and how soon can I get my new phone? My email is

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Aug 23, 2014 #860537

Boo hoo metro pcs touched me in my no no spot and I screamed and ran away. It's my body and nobodies body but mine. I hate you metro pcs our was that my uncle diddles. Either way I blame metro it's American way. Cry cry cry and don't *** about it. It stops being rape when your driving to your rapist house

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Aug 09, 2014 #854047 Port Charlotte, Florida

If I have a bill due Sunday and I get paid on Monday will they turn me off?

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Aug 05, 2014 #851946 San Diego, California

If I have the 4/100.00 lines can each person make a payment online for 25.00 making the 100.00 total bill ?

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Sep 04, 2014 #865788 Norwich, Connecticut

They can do that, but if any one of them doesn't pay on time then they all get shut off. It's generally best that all the money be given to one person prior to paying the bill in full, but I understand. My siblings and I do a 3 for $90 with the same set up that you use. So far, they always pay on time when they are at their separate campuses so we don't have any issue.

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Aug 02, 2014 #850009

Thank you for the billing information. It was exactly what I needed to know. I have only had the service for one month and it's great. Gonna get another line for my partner and turn him on as well. Oh and I'm gonna get him a Metro account too.

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Jul 29, 2014 #847592

I live in denver and . Have the 60 plan and today i got a text from mexico and i was able to reply back.. but i dnt have that feature added on my plan. Did it activate when i replied??

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Jul 26, 2014 #846336 Austin, Texas

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Jun 27, 2014 #832835

They keep spamming me via text, telling me to buy a new phone because the network in Vegas is changing. I just bought this phone less than a year ago for $500 (Samsung Galaxy S III) and they will apparently give me a $199 credit towards a newer phone. Well the problem is, I don't live in Vegas any more and should not have to upgrade as the signal change is only there and New England. I was told by customer service that I had to go to Vegas (2000 miles away by the way) or change my number that I have had for several years. Otherwise, they will deactivate my account. This is flat out extortion! I like my Vegas number, it is the one I give out to everyone and I like my phone.

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Jun 02, 2014 #823048

Making sure they don't keep cc # on file from last time cause I helped someone one month. One month only

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May 05, 2014 #812124

For all those who apparently have no concept of paying their bills on time or early to prevent BS from happening:
I also work for Metro PCS and I found a way to reset your bill any time so long as you're willing to pay your bill all over again.
All you need the people on the phone to do is make you a new account and then have them merge your current phone onto the new account and then pay your bill. Your anniversary date will be the new date henceforth.
Don't want to pay the bill again? Then just pay early one month and keep paying whenever you want to from then on. You'll always have that credit and you'll never be late anymore. How is it so hard to just pay your bill on time or early? I've left my phone with a $45 credit for almost a year now and still kept up on it. Not exactly a big investment.
And lol, going to Consumer Cellular or Boost or SIMple Mobile. And they call Metro PCS the Ghetto service HA!
The service with T-Mobile added now is great. The ability to use unlocked phones is awesome. My service is better than it ever has been and I'm getting 4G LTE in Norwich, Waterford and New London. It's sad how many people on the internet think that their opinion matters or sounds educated when they can't spell or go a sentence without cussing. What a great demographic.

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